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Around the WorldAround the world group game




Equipment: None


Participants sit in a circle. A topic or category is chosen (for example: animals, food; or for a harder example: underwater creatures, fruit). A person is chosen to start. They stand behind the person who was beside them in the circle. The leader gives them a letter. The player standing and the player sitting in front must try to think of a thing that starts with that letter within the given category. The first person to say it wins and moves on to stand behind the next person in the circle. Then a new letter is given and the game continues. Once a thing is said it can not be repeated later on. The person who reaches the start is ostensibly the winner, and may choose the next category. Or, keep the same category with no repeats from the first round.


The category is Countries. Dan is standing behind Lisa. The leader gives them the letter P.

Dan: uhh

Lisa: hmm

Dan: uhhhhh

Lisa: P..P...Paris!

Leader: No, that's a city

Lisa: oh, oops

Dan: uhhh

Lisa: P..p.ppp...pp.pp...PERU!

Leader: Yes! Lisa got it

Lisa stands up and stands behind Sue, who is the next person in the circle. Dan sits down where Lisa was sitting. The leader gives Lisa and Sue a new letter. Whoever gets it first will move on.