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Captain Ball



Equipment: 6 hula hoops, and a lot of foam balls, wiffle balls or beanbags

Recommended Players: 12+


Place 3 hula hoops on both sides of the gym. One should be near the far wall and two should be closer to the middle.

The two Wingmen and the Captain from one team go into the hula hoops on the other team's side of the gym


Divide participants into two teams and send them each to a half of the gym. Select a Captain from each group to go to the far hula-hoop and two Wingmen to go into the two medium distance hula hoops on the other team's side. Have the remaining members of each team line up on the wall on their own side. Line up the balls along the middle line or throw them in and start the game. The players must try to throw the balls to the Wingmen, who will in turn throw them to the Captain. If the Captain catches the ball, they score a point for their team. You can have the Captains keep the balls the catch in their hula hoop or put an additional hoop or bin behind them to store the balls. Make sure players from one team do not steal the balls that the other team's Captain has caught. Captains may not pick up a ball from outside their hoop. Players may not cross the middle line and Wingmen and the Captains may not step out of their hoop. Players may not throw the ball directly to the Captain, only Wingmen may do so. Players may try to block the other team's balls from reaching the Captain.


There are a few options for gameplay and you can try a different one each time you play or keep kids engaged by changing it up each round. You can have them play until all the balls are collected by the Captains and see which team has the most. You can set a target (get 20 balls to the Captain), and the first team to reach that target would be the winner. You can set a timer (2 minutes) to see which Captain has the most balls at the time stop. You can even have a challenge where you give each side half the balls (at least one for every player) and have each player throw one at a time to see which team can get the most balls to the Captain. You can try this with the addition that balls that were dropped or not caught would be able to be used by the other team as long as they did not cross the middle line.