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Throw or Run




Equipment: 2 balls


This is another game similar to Steal the Bacon.





This game uses the circle in the middle of a gym floor

Divide players into two equal teams. Have the players on each team line up across from each other and number each player so that they are standing across from the player on the other team who has the same number. Place 2 balls in the middle of the gym. When the Leader calls a number, the players that were assigned that number race to the middle and each grabs a ball. The players can choose to try and run back to their wall with the ball, with the first person to reach their wall with the ball earning a point for their team. Or a player can try to throw the ball to hit the other player when they leave the circle. A player can only throw the ball from within the circle at the other player who has left the circle. This may lead to a fun stand-off. A player who manages to hit the other player with the ball gets 2 teams for their team, and the round ends.