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Zombie TagMinecraft Zombie; Zombie Tag Game

Non Elimination


Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+


Zombie Tag is a fun and simple tag game that younger kids love.




Gym Floor Plan; Zombie Tag Game

Zombie Tag is best played in a gym

 Start out with one or two people who are It. I like to start out with the counsellors being It. They must act as if they were zombies. This can include everything from groaning and muttering about brains to limping and dragging yourself across the floor, but ostensibly what this means is that the zombies cannot run, they must walk. Everyone else runs away from the zombies, if they are tagged by a zombie they become a zombie. The game ends when everyone is a zombie. If it becomes a long drawn-out game you can end it by saying the apocalypse has ended and anyone who has not been tagged is a survivor.