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Do You Like Your Neighbours?Do you like your neighbours? Group Game




Equipment: None




Have participants sit in a circle. One player is chosen to be in the middle of the circle. He/she approaches a player in the circle and asks them "Do you like your neighbours?" The player can answer "Yes" or "No". If he says "No" the players on either side of him must get up, run around the outside of the circle, enter the circle through the other player's spot and high five the person in the middle.  The first person to do so would sit back down in their spot and the middle person would take the spot of the other. The person who did not high five him/her would be the new person in the middle. If the player answers "Yes" he/she must continue "Yes, I like my neighbours, but I don't like people who..." For example: "Yes, I like my neighbours, but I don't like people who wear a watch." Anyone wearing a watch would have to stand up and find a new spot, switching with other people who were wearing a watch. The person in the middle can try to steal a spot by sitting in an open spot, leaving the person left standing to become the new person in the middle.