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Blind Guess



Equipment: A blindfold and a pencil or pen



Participants sit in a circle. One person is chosen to be in the middle and is blindfolded. They spin on their bum three times while all the other players change where they are sitting. Then the person in the middle moves toward a random spot in the circle and taps them with the eraser end of the pencil and says "Can I guess?". The person that was tapped must say "Yes, guess" while trying to disguise their voice. The person in the middle gets one try to guess who it is. If the person in the middle doen't guess right, the person who was tapped will say "Guess again" (ina disguised voice) and the person in the middle gets one more guess. If he/she is successful in identifying the person then they switch places and the game repeats. If the person in the middle can't guess after a third time then they must go back to the middle and the game repeats.