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Equipment: None


Choose one or more players to be the Taggers. When the game starts they must try to tag the other players. The other players have four lives and must indicate how many with their arms above their heads. Everyone starts off holding their hands stretched above their head to form a Y, indicating they have four lives. If they are tagged once, they form an M. If they are tagged a second time, they form a C with their arms, and a third time they form an A. If they are tagged a fourth time they are eliminated. Taggers may not tag a person more than once in a row, which means if they tag Person A, they must tag Person B or Person C before they can tag Person A again. The game ends when only one player is left.



In this variation once a player loses all their lives they become a Tagger. This works better if you have pinnies that they can put on once they have lost their lives to indicate they are now a Tagger. The game ends when there is only one person left who is not a Tagger.