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Fish Out of WaterFish Out of Water Group Game




Equipment: A bucket, 2 pylons, 2 sponges (large sponges from home renovation stores work best)


This is the wet version of the team game by the same name: Fish Out of Water



Split participants into two teams. Place 2 pylons on one side of the play area. Have the teams each form a circle on the other side of the play area. Place the a large bucket or bin of water between the two teams. Put two sponges in the water.

Each team chooses a player who will be the runner for this round. When the game starts, both runners will run to the bucket, grab a sponge, bring it to their team, and pass it from person to person around the outside of the circle so that everyone in that team touches it. Once it arrives back at the person who started with it, that person must run to the pylon, go around it, and then run back and put (or throw) the sponge back in the bucket. The first player to do so wins the round, and the player from the other team must leave their team and join the team of the winner. Then do it again. This game doesn't end so it's up to you to peak it.

If you are playing this as a competitive for-points game, you would award a point to the team who got the sponge in the bucket first, and would not trade players.

In an alternate version they wring the water from their sponges into cups at the finish line. The first person to touch their cup would get 1 point for their team, but the player who has the most water in their cup gets 2 points.