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Equipment: A ball


Divide participants into two equal teams. One team (Team A) forms a circle. The other team (Team B) forms a line. Team A chooses someone to be in the middle of the circle as the Thrower. When the game starts the Thrower passes the ball to each player in the circle. They count (1, 2, 3, etc.) for each time it is caught but if the ball is dropped they have to restart the count. While they are doing this the first player in line on Team B runs around the Team A's circle. He/she high fives the next person in line who also runs around the circle. This continues until every person in Team B has run around the circle. That marks the end of the round. Team A earns as many points as they were able to count. Then the teams switch positions for the next round.


It is important that each team has the same number of opportunities to earn points so only play an even number of rounds. The team with the most points when you end the game wins. To make it more strategic you can allow the team that is in the circle and catching the ball to choose how wide to make the circle. The wider they make it, the longer it will take for the other team to complete their laps, but the harder it will before them to catch the ball. Remember that if they drop it they must restart from 0.