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Lucky Leap




Equipment: A coin




One player is chosen to be the Tagger. They go to the middle of the gym and all players start in the middle circle. All the players are then allowed to take two hops, legs together, out of the circle and away from the Tagger. Then the leader flips the coin (or a frisbee). If it lands on Heads then all the players except the Tagger can take two hops in any direction. If the coin lands on Tails then the Tagger may take one large step in any direction. The Tagger is trying to get close enough to another player to tag them. If they are able to do so then the player that they tag also becomes a Tagger. Taggers can reach or even lie down to tag someone as long as their feet remain in the same spot. Players may also try to stay out of reach but cannot move their feet. End the game when most or all players have been tagged.