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Bridge: Brideg Tag Game

Bridge Tag

Non Elimination 


Equipment: None


Bridge Tag is one of my favourites and should have everyone red in the face from exertion.


Choose a Tagger. I like to start out with  two counsellors being the Taggers. The Taggers  try to tag everyone. If you are tagged you get down with your hands and feet on the ground and arch your back in the air. You can be freed by having someone crawl under you. Try to make each round more challenging by adding more Taggers. Don't make each round too long, end it when the Taggers start to slow down or when the Taggers win. The Taggers can win if everyone else is a bridge. I usually do three rounds with a water break in between.


Gym Floor Plan; Bridge Tag Game

Bridge Tag is best played in a gym


Person in bridge position; Bridge Tag Game