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sumo painting group game

Sumo Painting




Equipment: Mural paper, paint, and large paintbrushes


Draw a large circle on the paper. Choose two participants to go first. Have them sit or lie on either side of the circle and give each of them a paintbrush (a big sturdy one) and a plate of paint. Each should have a different colour. They dip their paintbrushes in the paint and then rest them in the circle. When the game starts they must use their paintbrush to try to push the other player's paintbrush out of the circle. If they succeed they win that round. If you have thicker paper that isn't falling apart at this point, have them do it again, but have them start with two new colours. You can have multiple matches going at once, and you could even make it into a tournament. Put the paper somewhere safe to dry and now you have art too!