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Blob TagHappy blob; Blob Tag Game

Non Elimination


Equipment: None


Blob Tag is a fun game that challenges the taggers to work together.


Start out with one Tagger. That person tries to tag someone else. When they tag someone, they hold hands or link arms with that person, and together they are now a Blob and must try to tag other people. Anyone they tag must join their Blob by holding hands/linking elbows. Blobs can only tag people when they are joined. For example if Bob is in a Blob with Rob and lets go to tag Sally, it doesn't count.


Gym Floor Plan; Blob Tag Game

 Blob Tag is best played in a large enclosed area

Once you have four or more people in a Blob, the Blob can choose to split. A Blob with 3 people cannot split because once the first person is caught, there should never be a Tagger who is not joined with at least one other. Once a lot of people have been caught, they may want to all join together to form a Superblob, which has the advantage of a massive span but which is slow to react. Lead a chant of "Superblob! Superblob!" to get everyone to join together. Splitting into a lot of small Blobs (each of two or more people) gives greater agility to the taggers at the cost of area control.


 Kids Playing; Blob Tag Game