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Rock Paper Scissors Train


Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+

Have the players spread out a bit. When the game starts, players will mingle and play Rock Paper Scissors with each other. If a player loses, they put their hands on the shoulders of the player they lost to and follow them around. The player who won will continue to mingle and play Rock Paper Scissors with other players. If they win, the loser will join the train behind them. If they lose, they, and anyone in their train, will join the train of the winner. The game ends after the last two trains have played each other and one wins. Play a few rounds but end it before kids start to realize that the best way to win is in fact to avoid playing. Try having them do a conga line dance as they move; you can even add music.


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock:

The next time you play it, you could try this variation. The diagram below explains it, but a way to simplify is to say that each action beats two things and has two things that beat it. It might be confusing at first but they should get it quick enough.