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Star Wars TagStar Wars; Star Wars Tag Game




Equipment: Pool noodles




Choose two players to be the Taggers and give them each a same-coloured pool noodle. Choose one player to be the Healer and give him/her a pool noodle that is a different colour. The Taggers try to tag players with their noodle. If a player is tagged they must stand in the spot where they were tagged. They can be freed if the Healer taps them with his/her noodle. If the Healer is tagged by a Tagger, the Healer must freeze but can hold out the noodle and another player may take their noodle to become the new Healer. Taggers may not take the Healer's noodle. The game continues until the Taggers win or you peak the game. If you have a lot of players you can add more Taggers and Healers but it seems to work best with a 2:1 ratio of Taggers to Healers.