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Equipment: A coin and another object


Split participants into two teams. The teams line up parallel to each other about a meter or two apart. The leader stands at the head of each line and flips a coin so that only the first player in both lines can see the result. If the coin lands on heads, the first players squeeze the hands of the next players in line. Those players squeeze the next players' hands and so on until it reaches the end of the line. The last person in line will try to grab an object placed between two lines. The first player to do so wins a point for their team. Then the first players in each line go to the end of their line and it repeats. If a player grabs the object when no coin was flipped or if it landed on tails then that team loses a point (or two).


To prevent cheating and make it more difficult, you can have the game be played silently with no talking. With older children, after you have played the regular version, you can try playing with a die instead of a coin. Players must squeeze hands the number of times as the dice indicates (1-6). When the player at the end grabs the object, they must announce the number. If they are right, they score that many points for their team, but if they are wrong, they lose the amount of points that they said.