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Water Bottle Games

These are games which use plastic water or pop bottles. For these games, make sure you have a few spares on hand. You will also want a large tub or hose to re-fill the bottles.



This is a variation of the game Fireball. The game is different from the original in that: 1) it is played outside and 2) the bowling pins are replaced with water bottles filled with water (with no caps on). When their bottle is knocked over, players take their bottle to the facilitator to be refilled, and the next player in line goes to take their place with a full bottle.


Team Bottle-out

This is a variation of  Team Bowl-out. Like the last game, play this one outside; it follows the same rules as the original but replace the bowling pins with filled bottles (big pop bottles are good for this). When a bottle is knocked over, one player from the team is allowed to turn it back upright (it's a good idea to have each team choose the designated "Bottle-handler" in advance). After a certain amount of time has elapsed the game is ended and the team with the most water remaining wins.


Guard the Bottle

A variation of the game Guard the Castle. Replace the bowling pin with a filled water bottle with no cap and play it outside.