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Statue Tag



Equipment: None




Choose one player to be the Statue Salesman. Choose another player to be the Buyer. The Buyer leaves the room or just closes their eyes. All the other players except the Salesman strike a pose and hold it. When they are ready, the Buyer is brought in and pretends to be interested in buying a statue. The Salesman has fun explaining the back stories of the different statues and what they represent. The Salesman can also pretend to press a button to activate the statue to perform for the Buyer. When the Buyer chooses a statue to buy, the Salesman tells him the price (from 1 to 20) and the Buyer must count to that number. While the Buyer counts, all the players run away from the frozen statue. The frozen statue must remain still until the Buyer has finished counting. When the Buyer finishes counting, the chosen statue must try to tag any player other than the Buyer. The player that is tagged becomes the new Buyer and a volunteer is chosen to be a seller for the next round.