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Hula Hoop Tag



Equipment: A few hula hoops







Choose two or three players to be the Taggers. Give one hula hoop to each Tagger. The Taggers place their hula hoops on the floor. All the players spread out. Each Tagger kicks or flicks their hula hoop with their foot to try and slide it across the floor to hit another player's foot. The hula hoop must slide along the floor and cannot be picked up or thrown. Only the Tagger can kick their own hula hoop. If the hula hoop touches a player, they must go stand or sit along the wall in a line in the order of  which they got out. If a player manages to stand in one of the Taggers' hoops with both feet in the hoop (without touching it) and say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", the first person in the line can return back into the game. It helps to have a leader at the front of the line to indicate when players can return back to the game. If the line gets too long you can end the round, have everybody back in and choose new Taggers.