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Toilet Tag


Non Elimination


Equipment: None


A fun, silly form of Freeze Tag.

Happy Toilet; Toilet Tag Game


Choose one or two players to be the Taggers. When the game starts, they try to tag the other players. If a player is tagged they become a Toilet, and stand where they were tagged with one arm out in front of them. The other players can free them by pulling down on their arm. Once someone has done that, the freed person must Flush, by spinning around as many times as their age in years. They are now free and can be tagged again.


Toilet Plunger Tag

Choose one player to be the Plunger. Choose two players to be the Poos. The Poos must try to tag people. If someone is tagged by a Poo they become a Toilet. In this version when they are a Toilet they can only be freed by the Plunger pulling down on their arm. The freed player must Flush before they can run around again. The Plunger cannot be tagged.