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Equipment: 2 baskeyballs and a basketball net

Recommended Players: 5+


This is great game to play with older children and is a simple favourite once you get the hang of it.


Players line up in front of the net at the key. The first two players in line get a basketball. The game is based on there being an order to the line, and the fact that there will always be two players with a ball. On the game start, both players try to score in the net. There are going to be two possible scenarios:


Scenario 1: The person in front gets their ball in the basket before the person behind them. In this case, they pass the ball to the next person in line (in this case the third person; person 1 just scored and person 2 is still trying), and then go to the back of the line.


Scenario 2: The person behind gets their ball in before the person in front. In this case the person in front is eliminated. The person who scores goes to the back of the line and both balls go to the next two people at the front of the line where they start once the person at the front throws his/her ball.


The idea is that you can eliminate the person in front of you by scoring before they do, and you can be eliminated by the person behind you if they score before you do. 
The game continues until there is a winner.


The game is called "Bump" because of an additional rule. Players may knock their opponent's ball away by using their own ball to redirect it. They may do this by throwing it at the other ball or more commonly by using the ball in their hands to knock away their opponent's ball as it rebounds. Doing this may buy you extra time to score on the basket. Players may not grab or kick the ball and they can only use their own ball to score.