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Charades Chaincharades chain group game



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 12+



Divide the participants into equal teams of about 4 - 6 players on each. Have the players form a line with their team parallel to the other teams. You will stand at one end and have all the players face away from you, except the players in the first row closest to you. Act out a dance or a motion. The players in the first row who were watching you will turn around and tap the next person in their line on the shoulder, indicating that they should turn around.

The first player then acts out the same motion as best as they can for that player, without talking. Once that player has got it, they turn around and tap the next person in line on the shoulder then act it out for them. This continues until the last player in each line has been shown the action. You then have each of them show the action one at a time to everyone. Then you can show them what the original action was and choose which team was closest. The players at the back of each line would now switch to the front of the line for the next round.