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Flamingoflamingo group game




Equipment: Flag Football belts and flags, or strips of fabric and clothespins




Place mats on the floor and have players sit in a large circle on the mats. Have two players (of similar age / size) come into the middle of the circle and attach a flag football belt with one flag on it, or use a clothespin to attach a piece of fabric (such as a pinnie, or a grocery bag) to their waist at the back. The flag should be at their back. Each player must stand on one foot with the other bent behind them and use their hands to try to grab their opponent's flag. The player that pulls off their opponent's flag is the winner. If a player's other foot touches the ground, that will count as a defeat. Make sure to include in the rules that pushing is not allowed, or a smart kid may figure out that the best way to win is by toppling their opponent. Choose two new kids to participate.


You can play a tournament style, but that may be too much time out for some participants if you have more than 8 players. You could also do a king-of-the-hill style game, where the winner stays and faces new challengers until he/she is defeated; the player who defeated him/her would become the new king and face new challengers.