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Water You Thinking?Water You Thinking Group Game




Equipment: A cup and water




Players sit in a circle. The leader stands outside the circle with a cup of water. The leader chooses a category for the round, such as animals, colours, countries, etc. One player is selected to choose a secret word that belongs to the category and whispers it to the leader. Then the game starts: going around the circle, everyone says a word within the category. This continues until a player says the secret word, at which point the leader will dump the water on their head. A new round begins with a new category and the wet person choosing a new secret word.


If everyone says a word and the secret word is not mentioned, the next person in the circle will choose a new word. Or, you can continue to go around the circle. If a player says a questionable word, you can take a vote over whether it counts as part of the category and pour water on them if it doesn't. You may need to introduce a rule for pauses that are too long.


Depending on the group dynamic, you can also have the player who chooses the secret word standing with the water and they can pour it, but make sure they tell you the secret word first so they just don't pour it on whoever they want.