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Great Wall of China



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 7+


Great Wall of China is an alternative to Snakes in the Gutter. I find Snakes in the Gutter is more nuanced and fun, but this game can be used for variety or if you do not have 2 parallel lines.




Great Wall of China uses the line in the middle of the gym


Choose one player to start off in the middle. Everyone else goes to one wall. When the middle person shouts "Go!" everyone must try to run past to the opposite wall. The person in the middle must stay on the line in the middle and cannot leave it. Anyone that is tagged by the person in the middle joins them on the line as a tagger. The game ends when one person is left or when everyone has been tagged and is part of the Wall.

It is important to note that a key aspect of Great Wall of China is that a person who is part of the Wall may not pass anyone else on the Wall. They may not leave the line to find a new position in the Wall, rather, if they notice somone going past the person beside them they must encourage that person to close the gap as they cannot go around them. It is also important to emphasize that both feet should be on the line at all times, without being overly strict.