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The Owl Clubthe owl club group game




Equipment: None


 A "What's the trick?" type game.


Have players stand in a circle. The game starts out something like this:

You say: "I'm going to show you how to draw the secret symbol of the owl club. Can I have everyone's attention? Thank you. To start you draw the head and the body."  You pretend to pick up an invisible pen and you draw two circles in the air in front of you. "Then you draw the wings."  You draw wings onto your owl. "Then the eyes and the beak."  You draw those. "And the feet."  You draw the feet. "That's the secret symbol of the owl club. Who would like to try it?"

You choose a participant and you pretend to hand them the invisible pen. You let them draw the owl. You will then tell them: "Yes, you can join the owl club" or "No, that wasn't right, I'm sorry but you can't join the owl club. " Then you say "I'll show you again. Can I have the pen back?" You pretend to take the pen from them. Make sure to say "thank you" when they hand you the pen. You demonstrate how to draw the owl again then ask for someone else to try. You hand them the imaginary pen for them to draw with.

The secret of how to get into the owl club: if they say "thank you" or "thanks" when you hand them the imaginary pen, they can join. If they don't say it, they cannot join the owl club. Each time you demonstrate it, you can make the owl increasingly messy and exaggerated to perplex them and subtly give them the idea that it's not based on how they draw the owl.