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Mission Impossible



Equipment: Markers




Before the program starts, hide markers outside over a large area. They must be visible, but hidden, and you can try to camoflauge them on things that are a similar colour, and use tape to stick them to places. Make sure you only hide one of each colour, and before you hide them make sure to make an example popsicle stick by drawing a line of every colour on it.


Hand each of the kids a popsicle stick. Show them your example and tell them that their goal is to find the markers. When they find a marker, they make a line on their popsicle stick with it and then put it back where they found it. The first person to find all eight (or however many) colours wins.


Ultimate Mission Impossible!

 Once you've played Mission Impossible a couple of times over the summer, take it to the next level with Ultimate Mission Impossible. It's just like the regular version, but while the kids are looking for the markers, the counsellors will have black markers and will be trying to tag the kids. If they tag someone, that person hands them their popsicle stick and they cross out one of the colours with the black marker. That player now has to go find that colour again to make a new line. Remember not to hide a black marker.