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Bottle Flip Challenge 




 Equipment: A water bottle



You will need a plastic water bottle that is filled 1/4 to 3/4 with water. 1/3 is the standard. You can play standing onto a table or crouching onto the floor.

Players take turns to try to land a bottle flip by releasing it in a spin and having it land on it's base. The amount of water, size of the bottle, height of the platform, and the presence of walls can all play a factor. You can also try "capping" it; having it land on its cap which is much more difficult.


Try a mini-tournament. Two players face off. The players take turns flipping until one player is successful. The other player gets one last flip. If he/she lands it they continue, otherwise the winner moves on. Have two more players battle. The winner of that will face the winner of the previous match in a tournament-style bracket until you have an ultimate champion.

Group Bottle Flip Gif; Bottle Flip Challenge Group Game