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Mushrooms; Mushroom Tag Game

Mushroom Tag

Non Elimination


Equipment: None



This is a favourite at my camps. An everybody's-it tag game that can keep going for quite a while.

A free-for-all tag game. If you are tagged by someone you sit down. You get back up if the person who tagged you is themself tagged by someone else. Similarly, when you tag people they must sit where they were tagged, but if you get tagged then you sit down and they are all back up. Therefore when you are down you want to be watching the person who tagged you to see if they get down. If two players tag each-other simultaneously then they must do Rock Paper Scissors to decide who sits down. Players cannot be tagged while they are doing Rock Paper Scissors.

Every so often make sure to call "Three, Two, One, Everyone's Up!" to add some excitement.

The Up and Down Rule

You can introduce this the second time you play to give the game a new edge. Under this rule, if you are down you can still reach out to tag people who are standing, as long as you don't move from where you are seated. If you tag someone, you are up and the person you tagged is down.

Kangaroo Mushroom Tag

Each player now has two lives. The first time they are tagged by someone, they must hop on one leg. The second time they are tagged, whether by the same or a different person, they must sit down and wait for that person to lose both their lives and sit down to get back up.

One-armed Mushroom Tag

Each player puts one arm behind their back or in their pocket and can only use the other arm to tag. The game plays like normal Mushroom Tag.

Armadillo Kangaroo Mushroom Tag

Each player has 3 lives. The first time they are tagged they put an arm behind their back. The second time they can only hop on one leg and still have one arm behind their back. The third time they sit down. When they get back up they have all three lives back again.