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Marker Fencing 



Equipment: Washable markers


This game is great if you have a Messy Day. Make sure kids come wearing clothes they can get messy in, not a brand new white shirt. It can be a good idea to collect the marker caps beforehand so they don't get lost.



marker fencing group game

Have the players form two lines outside of a circle indicated on the ground. The first player in each line will receive a marker and step into the circle with their markers uncapped and try to mark each other on the arms. If they are both wearing shorts they can choose to include the legs below the knee. They player who gets marked 5 times is out and must go to the back of the other line. The player who won remains in the circle and the next player from the other line receives a different-coloured marker and steps into the circle for the next round. A mark counts as a line or dot that is apparent to the referee who is watching from outside the circle.


You can also do a sudden death round where only one mark is needed to get the other player out. You could add additional player lines so that you have three or four players in the circle at a time. The eliminated players would go to the back of the line of the player who got them out.