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Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+


Octopus is a classic game but you can change it up by having the children and the tagger move in different ways.




Octopus group game


Octopus is a simple game in which one person starts in the middle of the gym as the Octopus while everyone else is against one wall. The person in the middle calls out "Octopus" and everyone must run to the opposite wall without being caught by the Octopus. If you are caught before you reach the other wall, you sit down where you were tagged and become Seaweed. Seaweed can try to tag people by reaching out but cannot move from where they are seated. If someone is tagged by Seaweed, they also become Seaweed.


In Crab, the person in the middle and everyone else must do the crab-walk. Anyone tagged before they make it to the wall becomes Coral and sits on their bum and can tag people passing by.


In Bear, everyone crawls on their hands and feet, including the tagger. If they are tagged, they become Trees, who stand with their feet together. They can reach with their arms to tag passerby's but they cannot move their feet from where they are rooted.


In Slug, everyone must lie on their stomach and pull themselves using their arms. If tagged they crouch down and become Rocks. They cannot move or stand, but they can reach with their arms to tag nearby slugs.


In Kangaroo, all players must hop with their feet together. If a player is tagged, they kneel and become a Cactus.