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Back Hand Tag



Equipment: None


An everybody's-it tag game that's best played in a smaller space.


Players spread out. Everyone places one hand behind their back with palm facing outward and fingers outstretched. The other hand they will use for tagging. When you start the game players must try to tag the other players' back hands while trying to avoid letting their own back hand be tagged. When a player's back hand is tagged, they must sit down where they were tagged and wait for the person who tagged them to be tagged before they can get back up. Tagging a player anywhere other than the one hand behind their back does not count as a tag. If two players tag each-other at the same time, they should "shake hands and walk away" and try to tag someone else.


You may want to indicate a perimetre line on the floor that players cannot go out of so they don't lean against the wall with their taggable hand. You can even choose to use a smaller playing area such as the middle circle for a more intense game if you have fewer kids.