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Shark Attack



Equipment: Hula Hoops 



You will need a circle in the middle of the gym


Disperse hula hoops around the gym floor but not too close to the middle circle. Everyone starts off in the circle except the Sharks. I usually have the 2 counsellors be the Sharks for the first round. The Sharks run around the outside of the circle. I will usually narrate the game along the lines of "The sharks are circling. They are circling. Oh no, is that a hole in the ship?! Shark attack!" At that point everyone in the circle (the ship) must dash to a hula hoop (a life raft) where they are safe. Depending upon the number of hula hoops and kids, you must define beforehand how many people a life raft can hold. The Sharks will try and tag as many people as they can before the reach a life raft. Once it is clear that everyone is safe, call everyone back to the ship except for the Sharks and those that were tagged, who are now Sharks too. A new round will start, and all the Sharks run around the outside of the circle while I say something like "The sharks are circling. What's that? They smell blood. Someone got a nosebleed! Shark attack!" and everyone on the ship would run to a life raft again. Remember that when the signal is given, the Sharks are able to enter the circle, so kids will not be safe if they stay in the circle.


Keep going until everyone has been tagged. You can remove some hula hoops between rounds but that can also be unnecessary as the number of Sharks is increasing, making it more difficult anyway.