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Flip the Disks



Equipment: Frisbees, numbers on papers, pinnies to distinguish teams

Recommended Players: 10+



Tape the numbers to the inside of the frisbees. Place the frisbees around the gym so the numbers are facedown and distribute them so that the frisbees with more points are farther from the middle line.

Split the participants into two teams and assign each team to half of the gym. To earn points, players try to cross the line into the other team's side and turn over a frisbee so that it's points are displayed. But if they are tagged while on the other team's side they are eliminated and must sit out. Let the game run 3 - 5 minutes so those who have been eliminated don't sit out too long (and before all the frisbees on either side have been turned over), then tally up the points for each side.





If you don't have numbers to put on the them, you can assign certain points to the colour of the frisbee and then arrange them like the diagram above. The ones farther from the middle would have a higher value.