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Pictionary Relay





Equipment: Markers and papers




Split participants into equal teams. Each team will be given a marker and paper, either one large piece or a bunch of small pieces. Each team is sent to a different area while the leader stands in the centre. The leader will have a list of subjects. This list can be random or suited to match a theme. One player from each team starts in the middle and the leader tells them the first subject on the list. They run back to their group and must draw it. When a member from the group guesses the subject, another player runs to the middle to tell the leader what it was. The leader whispers the next item on the list to that player and the player races back to their group to draw it. Players who are drawing cannot speak. It helps to have another leader circulating to enforce that rule. The first team to guess all the items on the list wins.


Charades Relay


This is essentially the same game but with charades replacing pictionary. Participants will act out the subject instead of drawing it. They are still not allowed to talk. With this version it is better to choose actions or verbs (swimming, riding a horse) rather than stationary objects for your clues.