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Dragon Tag



Equipment: Flag football belts and flags or strips of fabric and clothespins


This is a tag game that is like a team version of Flags.





Divide participants into teams of four or five. The players in a team make a line and each player will place their hands on the shoulders of the player in front of them to form a Dragon. The player at the rear will wear a flag football belt with one flag attached at the back (or a piece of fabric connected by a clothespin to the back of their belt). This will be their dragon tail. Have the Dragon teams spread out. When the game starts, the player at the front of each Dragon must try to snatch the tails of the other Dragons. If a Dragon has it's tail stolen, the Dragon is eliminated and the team sits off to the side. A team is also eliminated if their Dragon breaks apart. The last Dragon team with a tail wins. Play again and switch up the position of members in a team.