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Giants elves wizards group game

Giants Elves Wizards



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+


Similar to Red and Blue Tag, there must be two parallel lines on the floor in the middle of the gym about a meter apart. Divide the players in half. Each side must huddle together and decide whether they want to be giants, elves or wizards for the round. The two sides will then line up on their line and when the counsellor calls “Giants, elves, wizards!” they must do the action that their team decided on. Every player on the same side must do the same action.

Giants stand up tall with their arms over their heads. Elves crouch down with their fingers by their ears. Wizards put their arms in front of them and wiggle their fingers. It is important that everyone knows that:


Giants crush elves.

Elves trick wizards.

Wizards zap giants.


So if one team chooses giants, and the other team chooses to be elves, the giants must try to tag the elves. The elves are safe if they make it to the wall, but if they are tagged by a giant they must switch to the other team. Then the two teams huddle up again and choose a new action and the game continues thus. If there is a tie and the two teams choose the same action, what I like to do is tell them that I am It and both teams must run to their walls without being tagged by me. If they are tagged by me they switch teams. I also make sure that everyone has both feet on their line before calling “Giants, elves, wizards!”. Make sure to help when teams huddle if they are having difficulty deciding among themselves what to be for the round.