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FresherFresh prince of bel air; Fresher group game




Equipment: 2 mats



This is a fun team-based everyone's-it tag game, however not recommended for competitive play.



Participants are divided into two equal teams. Each team starts at one end of the gym behind an end line that is close to the wall.  When the game starts, players can leave the end zone and go anywhere in the gym. A player can tag other players who have been outside their end zone for longer than himself. This means that to avoid getting tagged, you must avoid people who have left their end zone while you have been out "on the field". Players can go back into their end zone to "recharge" and then go back out to tag. If a player is tagged by someone fresher than them, the player goes to that team's jail (the mat). Players in jail can link up and reach toward their own side as long as one of the players is touching the mat. If a player from their team tags a player in jail, both players get a free walk back to their end line. The game ends when all the players from one team are in jail, but try to peak it early.



Gym floor plan 1; Fresher group game


Gym floor plan 2; Fresher group game