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Fortune Tellers




Equipment: Paper, scissors, and markers


Give each participant a piece of paper and lead them through the steps to create their "cootie catcher".


Instructions for Fortune Teller group game

Once they have completed the folds, they are ready to decorate.


The basic fortune teller will have 4 colours on the outside folds, and 8 numbers on the inside folds. Under the flaps will be possible answers to a yes-or-no question. (Ex. Yes, No, Maybe, Sure, Probably, Absolutely, Of Course, Definitely,  Try Again, etc.)


To work it, a child will ask a yes-or-no question and then choose a colour. They will spell out the colour as they operate the cootie catcher. Next they will choose a number that is visible on the inside and count up to that number as they operate the cootie catcher. Then they choose another visible number and spell it as they operate the cootie catcher. Finally they choose a visible number and check under it's flap to see what the answer to their question is.


Feel free to change is up by putting animals, or shapes, or foods or something else on the outer flaps.