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Spin the Bottle Tag





Equipment: A bottle, pylons




Place evenly spaced pylons in a large circle. Have 3-4 players sit between each pylon. Place a bottle in the centre and choose a player to spin the bottle and then go back to their spot. When the bottle stops spinning it will point to the the space between two pylons. All the players in that space will immediately become the Taggers and try to tag all the other players within the circle. Everyone gets up and runs but players cannot go outside the circle of pylons. When a player is tagged they choose a spot to sit between two pylons. This continues until all the players have been tagged by the Taggers. The Taggers then sit back down in the remaining spots and a new round begins.




In this example, with a group of 27 players, there are 9 groups of 3. For faster games, you can have groups of 4.