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Equipment: Mats



Mats are positioned in the play area. The leader sits on a chair or stands in a hula hoop at the front with their hands held out. He/she closes their eyes and counts down from 20. Players must run to high five the leader and then go hide behind the mats.  When the leader has reached 0, they open their eyes and look for people that are visible to them. If they see parts of a person they may call out: "Yellow shirt behind the far mat," for example, or if they can identify the person, they can use the person's name. You may need another leader to help verify identities and eliminations. If a person is seen, they are eliminated.

Once the leader at the front can no longer see anyone else, they hold their hands out and close their eyes and start counting down from 19. Players must run to the front to high five the leader and then hide again. The game continues with the leader taking one second off each countdown (20, 19, 18, 17, etc). End the game when only a handful of participants remain.




Upright Mats; Camoflauge Group Game


Mats can be positioned upright.

Mats in tent position; Camoflauge Group Game

For more difficulty, place mats in a tent position.