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Fox in the HenhouseFoz and Chicken; Fox in the Henhouse Group Game



Equipment: A blindfold


Players stand in a circle. One player is chosen to be the Fox and another is chosen to be the Hen. Both go into the centre of the circle. The Fox is blindfolded. The goal of the game is for the Fox to tag the Hen. The players in the circle can help the Fox find the Hen by directing him/her by making a clicking noise with their tongue. They are not allowed to talk. The game continues until the Fox tags the Hen or it is agreed that the Hen has held out long enough. Two new players are then chosen to be in the middle for the next round.


To change it up the next time you play, you can blindfold both the Fox and Hen. Players can choose who to help by making sounds. They still help the Fox by clicking to try to indicate where Hen is, but they can also choose to help the Hen by making whooshing noises (like wind) to indicate where the Fox is not.