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Lifeguard TagLifeguard Tag group game



Equipment: None






Players line up against a wall. Choose two to four players to be Sharks and have them go to the middle of the gym. When they call "Go", the rest of the players run to the opposite wall. They are safe if they make it to the wall. If they are tagged on the way by a Shark, they must crouch down and flail their arms as if they were drowning. Once all the players are safe or tagged, the Sharks yell "Go" again and it repeats.

Drowning players can be saved by the players running by if the player stops and holds hands or links elbows with the drowning player, and the two continue to hold onto each other as they run to the wall.If they make it without being tagged, they can separate and continue playing. If a player is tagged while saving or being saved, they let go of the other player and sit down where they were tagged; the other player can continue running. The game ends when all the players are tagged or when you decide to peak it.