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Talk or Get Squirted



Equipment: Water gun or spray bottle

talk or get squirted group games


Participants sit facing the player chosen to start. That player draws a topic from a hat and must speak about that topic for thirty seconds without pauses or stammering. Anytime they hesitate or say "um" or "uh" the leader who is standing near the front will spray them with a water gun or spray bottle. Remember that not all kids feel comfortable talking in front of an audience, especially under pressure, and that to some this may be more stressful than fun. This is a game that is best played once you've gotten a good handle on the different personalities of your kids. Only use volunteers and encourage shy kids to give it a try, but don't pressure them, and be understanding of their feelings. For a more silly and chaotic experience, arm all the kids with spray bottles or guns, and they can spray the talker when they mess up instead.