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Flying Fish Relayflying fish relay




Equipment: Construction paper, scissors, markers



Distribute the materials and have the kids draw a fish, cut it out, then colour it. If they are struggling I usually tell them to just draw an oval with a triangle tail and then draw on a happy face. Once they have made their fish (it's more important that it's cut out, rather than fully decorated), divide them into teams. Have each team line up behind a starting line and designate a finish line. The first player in line from each team must use a paper plate (or something else that works) to propel their fish from the starting line to the finish line. The first to do so earns a point for their team. They cannot touch their fish with their hands or the paper plate, they must only use the wind they can generate by waving the plate. Then have the second player from each line do the same and so on. Encourage teams to cheer on their teammates. This is a great activity to do in conjunction with other team games.