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Red and Blue Tag



Equipment: Frisbee or disk

Recommended Players: 10+


This is a great non-elimination game to play in a gym.


Prepare a frisbee by taping a circle of red construction paper to one side and a circle of blue construction paper to the other. You may also want to tape a blue piece of construction paper to one wall and a red one to the opposite wall. Explain the game beforehand and make sure they know which is the red side and which the blue.

The participants should be divided in half and made to line up on two parallel lines in the middle of the gym that are about a meter apart. If your gym does not have two lines I recommend making them using painter's tape. Players on the line on the blue side are on the blue team. Red side = red team. Make sure they know which colour side they are on. Start with a few practice rounds.

Red and Blue Tag Group Game

The two lines should be 1m to 1.5m apart.

The leader will toss the frisbee and call out which colour is facing up when it lands. If it lands on blue, the team on the blue side will chase those on the red. The red players are safe if they make it to the red wall, but if they are tagged before they get there they must join the blue team for the next round. If it lands on red, the red players become the taggers, and any blue players they tag must join the red team. The game ends when all the players are on one team or when you peak it. Try to hype it up when one team has a lot of players and the other team only a few.