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Categoriescategories group game



Equipment: A ball


This game is similar in some ways to the game Concentration.


Participants sit in a circle. A player chooses a category. The ball is passed around the circle and as each player receives the ball, they say something that belongs in the chosen category. Players cannot hesitate when it is their turn. Once a word has been said, it cannot be repeated later on. If a player says a word that does not belong in the category, or if they hesitate, or repeat a word, then they are eliminated and move out of the circle. The game continues until there is a winner. The winner gets to choose new category.


Category Examples:

Animals, Food, Colours, Fruit, Vegetables, Underwater animals, Things that can fly, Places you can eat at, Brands, Things you find in a bathroom, Things that start with T, Candy, Places, Countries, Cities, Things you can wear, Cereal, Sports, Sports equipment, Movies, Things from Minecraft, Video Games, Books, Types of metals, Everything