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Equipment: 6 paper plates


Another "What's the trick?" type game. 



PLATES group game

Number each paper plate from 1 - 6 and put them number side up at the front of the room or in the middle if you are sitting in a circle. Have another leader leave the room. Then have the kids choose one of the plates. They must keep it a secret from the leader who is out of the room - so do it quietly. Have a kid go get the leader to come back in. Ask the leader to identify which plate the kids chose while he/she was out of the room. The leader will be able to get it every time. The trick is that you let the other leader know which one it is by using a code when they come back in. The letters in PLATES correspond to the numbers; the first letter in the first word that you use when they come back in indicates the paper:


1 = P  for example: "People have chosen the number, what do you think it is?"

2 = L for example:  "Let's see if you can guess which one it is this time?"

3 = A for example: "Alright, we have chosen a number."

4 = T for example: "Thanks for waiting, we chose our number."

5 = E for example: "Everybody knows what number it is except you."

6 = S for example: "So, do you think you can guess which number it is this time?"


The leader should "umm" and "ahh" and maybe try to channel their psychic energy before correctly choosing the right paper. Make sure to let the kids choose the number, either by taking a vote or taking turns to choose, and to let a kid bring the other leader back into the room. As the game goes on you can allow one of them to guard the door to make sure there's no cheating. Once you've done it a few times you can ask for volunteers to try it if they think they know the trick. Send them out of the room and then have them come in and choose one. They will probably not get it unless they have played it before.