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Canadian Tag




Equipment: None




Choose one or two players to be the Taggers and the rest of the players spread out. When the game starts, the Taggers try to tag the other players. When a Tagger tags a player, the Tagger must say "Sorry" and the player who was tagged freezes where they were tagged. If the Tagger forgets to say "Sorry," the player who was tagged does not have to freeze.

Players can be unfrozen when another player holds hands or links elbows with them. From that point on they must stay connected. If they get tagged, both freeze until another player comes and links arms with them. Then the three of them must stay together. A frozen group can also be unfrozen by another group joining up with them. The game ends when all the players are frozen or when the players are all connected. At the end you can declare that the group with the most players in it wins.