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Free the Turkeys



Equipment: 2 mats, pinnies to designate teams


This game is sort of like Yoshi but in reverse.




Turkeys; Free the turkeys group game

Place two mats on opposite ends of the gym. Divide participants into two equal teams and assign each team to half of the gym. Have each team choose three to five Farmers from their team. All the rest of the players will be Turkeys. The Turkeys all go onto the mat (the Cages) on the other team's side. The Farmers remain on their own side.



When the game begins, the Farmers must try to make it to the mats where all their Turkeys are. Farmers can be tagged by the other team's Farmers when they are on the other team's side. If they are tagged, they become a Turkey and must go into the Cage. If they make it to the Cage without being tagged, they are safe while on the mat. They choose a Turkey to free and then both the Turkey and the Farmer must try to make it back to their own side without being tagged. They can run separately but a Farmer can only free one Turkey at a time. If a player is tagged on the way back they must return to the Cage as a Turkey. If a Turkey makes it back to their side, they become a Farmer and can try to free more Turkeys.


A team wins if:

a) all of the players on the other team are Turkeys or

b) if all their Turkeys become Farmers